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A Vivid Edge Salon Spa
A Vivid Edge Salon Spa
A Vivid Edge Salon Spa
A Vivid Edge Salon Spa

Salon Etiquette

A Vivid Edge Salon Spa

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Please check in approximately 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment to prepare

for your treatment. If you are a first-time massage guest or if you are having a

facial/body treatment you will have a form to fill out. Late arrival will deprive

you of precious minutes of your spa experience, as your service must still, end on

time to ensure our next guest is not delayed., In consideration of other clients please, turn cell phones ringers off, please and thank you..


At Port Place Hair Spa we are dedicated to ensuring a clean environment for

each service. Not only by using a new nail file for every client, This way we can

guarantee the highest level of cleanliness so you can relax, knowing you have the

most protection possible.


Prices are subject to change without notice.


Nail Fixes

(four missing nails is considered a full set.)


Please be honest with your beauty tech, we don't know the history of your hair if you've reacted to services before, and medical reactions to previous services because certain medications can cause reactions when waxed, or colored, and if you are pregnant it can make some parts of services impossible. We need to know if you've used box dyes, henna or have had a perm because some chemicals will react with professional color causing the hair to break or melt away. Your beauty professional will know what they can or can't use on you if you provide this information. if you don't provide your history or misinform your beauty specialist and a reaction happens please know that Port Place Hair Spa and its staff will not be held Responsible for the outcome, please know we will not judge you for using home products but will give you the education about the dangers of home products.


No Shows & Same Day Cancellation Policy

Due to the fact, we work mainly by appointment based booking, our Beauty

Professionals time is how they get paid when you no show (Book and not show

up no call or no alternate contact method) you end up making them lose wages.


Due to this, we have a policy of the client will be fined the full amount of the bill

due to the fact we expect you to call and give 24hrs notice or less with a valid

reasons under 24-hour notice to need to rebook.


Same day Cancellation without a valid reason to cancel or reschedule is fined

half the bill so the Beauty Professionals will be paid something for their loss of

time as it can be difficult to fill that time slot with short notice.




For Service Excellence, gratuities are graciously accepted. Gift Cards do not

include gratuities. 


Redo Policy


Please Return within Seven days of Appointment for a Redo on Cuts and Colors

if this is not

Possible please inform us of the Need to Redo the Service Asap! Please rebook

with Original Stylist or Management, not another Stylist.

We do not provide refunds for any reason.


Return and Exchange Policy of Products


All Products will only be accepted for Full Return store credit if there is a visible allergic reaction

but if the product is more than 10% used there will be a fee of 20% of

cost removed from

. no more than 10 % can be used.

You may Exchange Unopened Products for another same-priced product within seven days of purchase.

we have the right to refuse the return if reasons occur



a vivid edge salon & spa

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